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Silent Majority Still Has A Responsibility



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To the Editor:

Unfortunately, I think it has come down to this. If middle-class, work-a-day, family-oriented, patriotic Americans are not out there regularly manning the barricades to stop America’s great slide into oblivion, then guess who the real problem is in America?

Not Democrats, not Republicans, not the far right or the far left, not climate or abortion activists, not immigrants, not racism, sexism, not church-going people or atheists, not the homeless, not liars, cheats, and thieves, but YOU, the one sitting on your hands in a democracy.

And by manning the barricades I mean that figuratively. Violence is not the solution. Public safety, health, and education are the solutions.

The first problem that needs to be dealt with aside from so-called good people doing nothing while the nation burns, is bad behavior in the neighborhood and the city. Every adult citizen needs to get educated about crime, including the things that factor into criminal behavior, like disintegrating families and poorly performing educational programs.

Every citizen needs to be a part of the crime prevention effort.

And if you folks in the silent majority don’t see that as part of your responsibility then maybe it is time for YOU to find a new flag to fly and let immigrants and minorities and activists hungry for health and happiness take your place.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross, Utah

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  1. qstorm says:

    Criminal behavior these days is fostered by lax policing due to the lack of prosecution and persecution of the police. Criminals know that at least 80% of the time they will not be caught and if caught will not see a court room much less a jail cell.

  2. rpower says:

    Policing is a beleaguered profession no doubt. But are you saying the source of crime is a lack of police deterrence? This philosophy- that men are born evil and need strong deterrents to keep them in check- is opposite the view that men are born good and societal forces corrupt them. There is weight to both views.

    1. qstorm says:

      Criminals commit crimes regardless of whether they were born good/evil. And criminals should be prosecuted for their crimes. Law abiding folks (a great majority) need to feel that the justice system protects their lives, family and stuff from the criminal element.

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