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State Should Share Traffic Fines



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State Should Share

Traffic Fines

The following letter to State Senator John McKinney has been received for publication.

Dear Senator McKinney:

Recently, to my surprise, I learned that local governments do not retain any part of fines assessed for traffic violations. I was told these fines go to the state’s general fund.

If local law officers enforce the traffic laws, the related fines should, at the very least, be shared by the state. The essential cost, law officers, is borne by the local government. Where, in times of tight budgets (and isn’t that virtually always) is the incentive to spend the funds to enforce the traffic laws? Isn’t this an area where budget cutting acts against the interests of the community?

I know the state, with the federal government, bears much of the cost of road building and maintenance but local governments also share this burden. It seems only reasonable to me that traffic fines should be shared with the local governments when they are enforcing the laws.

Please take action in the legislature to rectify this situation.

Yours truly,

Hank Kessler

48 Elizabeth Circle, Sandy Hoo                               January 28, 2008

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