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Time To Freeze Taxes



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Time To Freeze


To the Editor:

A note to the selectmen and town council: the stimulus program is to keep taxpayers afloat. It is not to pay higher town taxes.

I seem to remember Mr Borst saying that “Herb doesn’t listen to the people when they say taxes are too high.” Borst was going to change that…does he think a 7 percent tax increase is acceptable when homeowners have lost approximately 18 to 20 percent of their appraised value and associated equity in this market?

The taxpayer stimulus needs to start at home! That means the people who work in towns and schools need to be thankful that they have secure jobs and stop angling for a 12 percent tax increase. School officials who proposed a 12 percent increase are showing their greed and ignorance as well as their inability to manage.

At the Board of Education budget presentation they said they are asking for over $67 million, a 6.74 percent increase over last year. With the comment, “But it is the lowest increase in 11 years, and the superintendent pared it down from a 12 percent increase.” (I believe Dr Pitkoff said the same thing last year)…that should make you feel better.

Relative facts that should not be ignored.

*Income growth in the United States had slowed to zero from a positive 7.5 percent in 2007 as measured by the monthly withholding taxes on income.

*Both legs of consumers savings, home values and stock savings plans of 401(k)s and IRAs have taken a drastic downturn, both losing 15 to 20 percent of their value or more.

*The Fed has cut rates five times to address the credit crisis.

*The President and Congress have proposed and passed a stimulus package to help homeowners and taxpayers.

*You probably cannot afford to sell your house and move unless you are willing to lose $80,000 or more.

It is time to freeze spending, not increase taxes.

Daniel Kormanik

85 Great Ring Road, Sandy Hook                            January 30, 2008

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