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What Difference Does One Bag Make?



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To the Editor:

It appears that almost everything that I buy in a grocery store is either wrapped in plastic or it comes in a plastic container. Potatoes come in a plastic bag, onions come in a plastic bag. If I get cold cuts at the deli, they put them in a plastic bag.

Chicken, meat and fish come wrapped in plastic.

Milk comes in a plastic jug or bottle.

Condiments come in plastic containers (mustard, ketchup, relish).

Yet, when I leave the store, I can no longer get a plastic bag to put everything in. I can buy a paper bag for a dime, which will probably not be used again. The plastic bags we used to get were used in our kitchen trash can.

Amazingly enough, I can walk down the aisle and buy any size plastic bag I want or need. Why is it all this packaging is OK, but the plastic bag to carry everything out of the store is bad for our environment.

Gary Liljengren


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  1. jimmabe says:

    Agree 100%…You nailed it!!! Makes no sense at all…Also, why can plastic garbage bags be ok to put your garbage in and thrown in basic trash, yet individual plastic bags for recycling are not allowed… I separate plastic bags and dispose at recycling center in separate bin…Makes no sense!!!

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