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SCAN Celebrates Annual Winter Show & Sale With Artist Demo, Reception



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Approximately 55 people gathered in the Council Chamber of Newtown Municipal Center last Wednesday afternoon, eager to take in an artist’s demonstration by Shauna Shane. The demo was the first of two back-to-back events hosted by The Society of Creative Arts of Newtown, both scheduled to coincide with the group’s annual “Color in Winter Show & Sale,” on view at the municipal building.

Ms Shane is known for her works in pastel, filled with light and color. On January 22, the professional artist offered a demonstration of using that medium to create a shoreline scene.

For 90 minutes she offered pointers on shading, lighting, and using one of her favorite tools: an iPad. She had two with her last week, one mounted on each side of the canvas upon which she worked.

“The apps on these things,” Ms Shane said, pointing toward one of the handheld machines, “are amazing. You can use these instead of photos to work from, due to being able to quickly see shades, color scales, and even black and white adjustments.”

As she spoke, the artist applied color to the canvas, smudging one area, brightening another. As the scene took shape, Ms Shane generously shared more ideas and tips with those in attendance.

“Get outside, a lot,” she said. “It will make you a much better painter. Take photos for when you have to be indoors, but spend as much time as possible outside.”

Painting with groups is another thing she strongly recommends, said Ms Shane, who regularly works with a few. She finds the networking and group dynamic extremely helpful, she mentioned.

Ms Shane’s comments and suggestions often elicited nods, or brief comments in return. She also had fun with the group, dropping jokes into her presentation and drawing plenty of laughter.

Finally, she offered one tip that surprised many: name your work early, rather than when you are finished with it.

“I learned that one from Don Demers, a painter in Maine,” she said. “If you title your painting early, you’ll remain focused on that idea.”

As she finished her demonstration, her fingers smudged with pastels, Ms Shane was quickly surrounded by many of the afternoon’s attendees. Some thanked her for her time, others complemented her on her work, including those that had been placed on view around the perimeter of the room.

Many of those who did not approach the artist instead headed toward the main corridor of the Municipal Center, where SCAN members had been setting up the artists reception for “Color in January.” The second event of the day, the reception featured many of the artists with work on view this month and next. A large table overflowing with refreshments had also been set up for the afternoon’s attendees.

“Color in Winter” is on view weekdays through February 28. Nearly 80 works of original art represent the talents of 29 SCAN members.

Most of the works are large scale, and the colors in a high percentage tie perfectly into the show’s theme.

In addition to those works, SCAN is offering through silent auction “New England Shore.” The piece was created by Mike Eagle when the artist was the guest for SCAN in October.

The artist then donated the work to SCAN, “Color in Winter” Show Chair Ed Arribas told The Newtown Bee earlier this month. Bids will be accepted until the end of the show and sale; the winner will be announced on February 28. Proceeds will benefit the SCAN Scholarship Fund.

Glancing toward one of two iPads that were mounted on either side of her canvas, Shauna Shane works on a pastel scene during a program hosted by The Society of Creative Arts on January 22. —Bee Photos, Hicks
A large crowd quickly filled the main corridor at Newtown Municipal Center shortly after 3 pm January 22, when SCAN hosted the artists’ reception for “Color in Winter.”
Guests enjoyed refreshments, and the the opportunity to view nearly 80 original works by members of SCAN, during the reception for “Color in Winter” on January 22.
Shauna Shane makes a point during her artist’s demonstration, January 22 at Newtown Municipal Center. Ms Shane’s program was the first of two hosted by The Society of Creative Arts that afternoon. Approximately 55 people attended the demonstration before enjoying refreshments and meeting many of the artists with works on view in “Color in January.”
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