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A New PerspectiveOn Newtown



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A New Perspective

On Newtown

To the Editor:

I have lived in Newtown my entire life and on the day of the blizzard of 2005 I met a newer resident who reminded me of why I love living here.

I was complaining, as I got my nails done, about the changes in town — so crowded now, I remember when there were no stop signs in the center blah, blah, blah...

This woman shared with me how wonderful she thought it was to live in this town, how much she loved her job at Yale and how she has struggled to (and higher power willing) beat illness. She told me how much she loved this town and hoped to see more soon.

I used to be an old “townie” who did not want to share my picturesque and quaint town. Now I am so thrilled that there are others who enjoy living here as much as I do. I wanted to thank that woman from Pole Bridge Road, I missed her name, and more importantly I wanted her to know I wish her well and my thoughts and prayers are with her for continued health.

With my thanks that it is “Nicer in Newtown,”

Kimberly S. Sharpe

169-171 Lakeview Terrace, Sandy Hook              January 27, 2005

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