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Disgusted By USPS Service



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To the Editor:

I am disgusted with the US Post Office. I don’t mean the good people of Newtown and Southbury who serve you at the counter or deliver the mail. They are friendly and do good work. I mean the people in charge at the top.

My particular issue is that they were so late delivering our Newtown Historical Society fundraising letters. I took them to our printer at the Jewish Home in Bridgeport on December 14. They finished preparing the mailing and sent them to the post office on December 21 in Bridgeport.

But we waited and waited and they never came. We especially wanted the letters to reach our friends in December, as people are more generous in December. We were distraught, as the Newtown Historical Society gets no money from the town of Newtown. We are entirely self supporting, dependent on fundraising. And in 2020, we weren’t able to have our House and Garden Tour, our major fundraiser, due to the pandemic.

Just a few days ago, some members and friends began to receive those letters. I received mine on January 27, which was 37 days after they were mailed. I find that incredible. We must hold the post office leadership accountable for this terrible injustice!


Gordon Williams

601B Heritage Village, Southbury February 5, 2021

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  1. sun1318 says:

    Inconvient, unfortunate maybe, “terrible injustice” not. This letter is harsh and unkind Sending something this important during the holidays AND COVID, expecting normal delivery is unrealistic. Please accept some responsibilty as well as learn from this experience. Consder mailing your fundraiser requests out earlier. If people are “more generous in December”, perhaps mailing them out in late November will help to achieve your goal. Best of luck

  2. saxon9075 says:

    I am not a USPS Employee or related to one. I agree the mail carriers and counter people (Especially Mark and his group in Hawleyville) are outstanding and service oriented. But I do feel compelled to defend the Postal Service. Sending any mail to the post office on December 21 and they are not going to guarantee delivery by Christmas or the end of the year. I would ask what class of mail you used ? First Class or bulk ? Also I read that in December the Postal Service was operating with an average of 29% out to Covid related issues. Remember, if an Employee reported any symptoms they were not allowed back for 10 days or until they had a negative test. I too was disappointed at slow mail. One friend in maryland mailed me a card December 19 and it took a month for it to arrive.

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