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An Opportunity To Rebuild Trust



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An Opportunity To Rebuild Trust

To the Editor:

The Newtown Bee reported last week that there is an open position on The Fairfield Hills Authority. Donald Studley, a partner in the accounting firm of Studley and White Associates, is stepping down. Mr Studley has generously served Newtown since 2004 on both the Fairfield Hills Ad Hoc Committee. which developed the current master plan. and the Fairfield Hills Authority, which is responsible for implementing the master plan.

What a marvelous opportunity for First Selectman Pat Llodra and the Board of Selectmen. All three selectmen campaigned on the need for a review of the Fairfield Hills Master Plan. In addition, on the heels of the Fairfield Hills “Parking Lot Deal” as it has become affectionately named, the Board of Selectman, the Board of Finance, and the Legislative Council have all pledged to review the past processes and not to allow this questionable accounting gimmick to be used again.

The Board of Selectmen has the opportunity to fully engage the community with this appointment. Over the years the master plan implementation has often been divisive in Newtown. Now the new Board of Selectmen, with Pat Llodra’s lead, has an opportunity to rebuild trust and confidence in the master plan, the Fairfield Hills Authority, and the accounting checks and balances they avoided.

This appointment is critical to moving forward. It will demonstrate their willingness to collaborate and engage the community on the pressing issue of how to proceed with Fairfield Hills for the next two decades. This appointment will confirm that the Board of Selectmen are open to all ideas, has no preset agenda, and are seeking to reach out to the entire community.

The selectmen are fortunate to have such an important opportunity so early in their administration. Let us all hope they use it wisely.

Bruce Walczak

12 Glover Avenue, Newtown                                      February 3, 2010

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