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Masquerading As Libertarians



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Masquerading As Libertarians

To the Editor:

Republican versus Democrat, Got choice? The banking cartel that stole our money with the bailouts to enrich themselves is the same group of hoodlums that control the two party system. The choice is an illusion. Their outer dressing may appear different but in fact the two parties function as a whole. It is a trick that the American people have bought lock, stock, and barrel. When the Republicans disappoint the people, they elect a Democrat, putting all their faith in this new candidate hoping finally for real change, but to be once again betrayed. The pendulum swings and the beat goes on! There are a few Republicans such as Ron Paul that are genuine constitutionalists, but we must be on the lookout for other candidates running on a Republican ticket posing as a candidate for the people.

An example is Scott Brown, now US Senator from Massachusetts, who two weeks ago sent out emails containing a YouTube, suggesting that on January 19 “to expect a miracle.” It was a beautifully crafted and inspiring video leading one to believe that he supported freedom and liberty. A little research revealed another story however, of a mainline Republican cloaked as a libertarian. Massachusetts being 51 percent independent won him the election over Coakley with hopes that he would at least stop Obama’s horrific health care bill, but alas he supports nationalizing healthcare, just a Republican version of the same atrocity. This was no victory for liberty!

Voter, beware, blatantly lying in your face or posing as libertarians are some of the new deceitful tactics of those on the Wall Street payroll infesting Washington, D.C. The Tea Parties supported Brown. Why, when there was in fact, another candidate, a true libertarian, Joe Kennedy (no relation to President John F. Kennedy) who pledged to “repeal every plank” of the health care reform act? It doesn’t help that the main stream media is bought and paid for by the Big Government Machine and not interested in informing the population of a third candidate. It doesn’t help when voters just want to be on the winning ticket not taking the time to know the facts. It’s important to understand that candidates that are truly for the people are literally of the people and don’t have the funds for TV and radio advertising. The Tea Parties and all freedom loving people must do more investigation before supporting a candidate and must become more aggressive in the education of the public. People of Newtown and all over Connecticut must pay attention in November. Vote your conscience, not for big government!

It’s time to take back our federal and local governments before we can’t! Freedom loving people dedicated to upholding the constitution need to vigorously run for office so voters have a real choice.

Please visit www.towneforcongress.com and www.joekennedyforsenate.com, and a televised debate found on YouTube, Joe Kennedy Vs Scott Brown and Martha Coakley

Constitutional candidates www.schiffforsenate.com, www.randpaul2010.com, www.kokeshforcongress.com, www.medinafortexas.com. For Inspiration, Google: Adam Kokesh Speech, www.inforwars.com, www.lewrockwell.com, www.freedomwatchonfox.com.

Babette Lagnese

9 Pebble Road, Newtown                                            February 2, 2010

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