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What about football? Is it a sport or a concussion?



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What about football? Is it a sport or a concussion?

                                                                                               —Jim Murray

Sharks are as tough as those football fans who take their shirts off during games in Chicago in January, only more intelligent.

                                                                                                —Dave Barry

College football is a sport that bears the same relation to education that bullfighting does to agriculture.              

                                                                                        —Elbert Hubbard

I do not like football, which I think of as a game in which two tractors approach each other from opposite directions and collide. Besides, I have contempt for a game in which players have to wear so much equipment. Men play basketball in their underwear, which seems just right to me.                                               —Anna Quindlen

Sure, luck means a lot in football. Not having a good quarterback is bad luck.

                                                                                                  —Don Shula

Baseball players are smarter than football players. How often do you see a baseball team penalized for too many men on the field?                                                                                                 —Jim Bouton

You have to play this game like somebody just hit your mother with a two-by-four.         —Dan Birdwell

Football combines the two worst things about America: it is violence punctuated by committee meetings.               —George F. Will

If you’re mad at your kid, you can either raise him to be a nose tackle or send him out to play on the freeway. It’s about the same.  

                                                                                                    —Bob Golic

Being in politics is like being a football coach. You have to be smart enough to understand the game, and dumb enough to think it’s important.

                                                                                     – Eugene McCarthy

When I went to Catholic high school in Philadelphia, we just had one coach for football and basketball. He took all of us who turned out and had us run through a forest. The ones who ran into the trees were on the football team.         —George Raveling

Baseball is what we were. Football is what we have become.

                                                                                           —Mary McGrory

They say football’s a matter of life and death — but it’s more important than that.       —Bill Shankly

[naviga:h2 style="margin-top:0in;line-height:10.0pt"]Football linemen are motivated by a more complicated, self- determining series of factors than the simple fear of humiliation in the public gaze, which is the emotion that galvanizes the backs and receivers. —Merlin Olsen [naviga:h2 style="margin-top:0in;line-height:10.0pt"]When I played pro football, I never set out to hurt anyone deliberately - unless it was, you know, important, like a league game or something. —Dick Butkus [naviga:h2 style="margin-top:0in;line-height:10.0pt"]If a man watches three football games in a row, he should be declared legally dead.   —Erma Bombeck

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