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AFL Open House & Adoption Clinic



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AFL Open House & Adoption Clinic

SOUTHBURY — Animals For Life, a volunteer, nonprofit animal rescue organization, will be hosting a public adoption for cats and kittens on Saturday, February 7, from 11 am to 3 pm, at the VFW Hall.

Cats and kittens of various sizes, ages, and colors are waiting for responsible, loving and permanent homes. All have been thoroughly examined by a veterinarian, received vaccinations, and if old enough have been spayed or neutered.

During the past seven years the organization has placed close to 3,000 animals into excellent homes and desperately needs the public’s support to continue helping abused, neglected, and stray animals. Foster homes are critical and in short supply. AFL does not have a shelter for its cats and relies entirely on volunteer foster care. New members who would like to donate time or talent in any amount are most welcome.

Donations of pet carriers, cages, Hav-A-Hart traps, litter, pet supplies, and tax deductible monetary contributions will also help the group continue its work.

For directions or further information about this event call 267-6777. The hall is on Lakeside Road.

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