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Unfortunate Outcome On Vehicle Tax Recovery Plan



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To the Editor,

Over the past few years, the number of Newtown residents driving without a current registration and with out-of-state plates has increased dramatically. While I am not a fan of requiring property taxes on motor vehicles, this upward trend of skirting what is currently state law is unfair to the many Newtown residents that are playing by the rules and paying their fair share.

Two administrations have now reviewed contracts and vetted companies that would be appropriate to assist the town in recouping duly owed taxes from those that are delinquent. This plan has also been approved in a non-partisan manner by the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Finance. It is also of note that several neighboring towns have used this program with great success.

The matter was sent to the Legislative Council for action and unfortunately stalled to the point that the selected vendor pulled their proposal from consideration. In my opinion the questions before us were simple: Does the program provide a return on investment for the town? Does it benefit the majority of taxpaying residents? Unfortunately, a small group of council members got bogged down in a line of questioning directed at the vendor that had little relevance to the task at hand.

From my perspective this proposal should have gone to a vote. I would have voted yes, and I do believe that the majority of the council would have voted on behalf of residents that are paying their fair share of taxes to hold their fellow neighbors to the same standards. Budget season is upon us. How would we look taxpayers in the eyes asking for possible increases placing the burden squarely on them knowing that we did not seize the opportunity to fill the holes in our tax rolls?

This is my opinion and is not written on behalf of the Legislative Council of which I am a member representing District 2.

Jennifer Nicoletti

Sandy Hook

A letter from Jennifer Nicoletti.
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