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Do We Need 25,000 Troops?



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To the Editor:

It was not necessary for our Government to call-up 25,000 National Guardsmen because a mob of Trump supporters attacked our Capitol. They claimed, then-President Trump, sent them there. Most of these deranged mobsters were caught and arrested and awaiting trial for this treasonous act. They were caught quickly because they were on an FBI terrorist watchlist. It was found that they came from all over the country by planes and trains, and that the attack on the Capitol had been planned by pro-Trump dark money groups. Mobsters claimed, then-President Trump told them to storm the Capitol.

However, Trump was not arrested because of our legal and political systems, and the special treatment presidents get. Evidently, it has been assumed that because over 74 million voted for him, and hundreds of Republican lawmakers who still protect him — that there must be hundreds of thousands, or perhaps millions, of citizens who voted for and support Trump would commit the acts the deranged mobsters did in the Capitol.

This is not true! Practically all of the citizens who support him, or voted for him are just as law abiding as any other citizens or Democrats. If they weren’t — they would have come out in millions, instead of a couple of hundred on January 6.

Unnecessarily, our government called up 25,000 well-armed National Guard, not only wasting dollars, but more importantly — leaving an impression in the world that our Democracy has failed! What America must do now is treat the attack on Washington for what it is: an act of terrorism, and give more protection to our members of Congress from individual deranged Trump supporters, so we can get back on that long and slow road in becoming a true democracy.

Paul F. Adinolfi

189 Julia Court, Sandy Hook

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  1. dennis brestovansky says:

    The USA is not designed to be a “true” democracy. The founders of the nation had the wisdom and foresight to be concerned that the whims of the public, even the majority, can change rapidly and may not always be in the best interest of the country. As a result, they created a republic, or better said – a constitutional federal republic – as our system of government which has survived and served us well for centuries.

  2. saxon9075 says:

    Mr. Trump did not suddenly cause these citizens to believe and behave this way. They were already predisposed to not believe in and or trust their government. This is what should be concerning us. The Trump supporters are the obverse dide of the coin from the BLM/Antifa Activists. Neither believes their government represents or cares about them.

    How many of us really believe our elected officials (beyond the local level) really represent us. One of our Senators until recently did not have property or a physical residence in Connecticut. He used his parents address. And his wife and children are residents of Northern Virginia, they own a house there, pay taxes there, register their cars there, and the wife votes there. How much does he have in common with a Connecticut Resident ?

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