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Troops And Guns



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To the Editor:

Two letters in The Bee recently caught my attention for a number of reason. “Do we need 25,000 troops?” No we do not, but Nancy Pelosi believes the people’s Capitol, the one that belongs to USA citizens, need the troops. The attack, according to the writer, “was planned by pro-Trump dark money groups.” I agree the incursion was planned by several groups, long before the rally on January 6th. Groups that will be named when hearings come about. The letter states “more protection to our members of Congress from individual deranged Trump supporters.” Interesting choice of words, since the Never Trump people were the ones with the deranged Trump syndrome. The deaths at the Capitol were all Trump supporters, except the one police officer who died of “ unknown causes”, but “not from the fire extinguisher thrust to his head”, this according to media accounts. One unarmed supporter was shot through her neck by a “security guard.” The others died of heart attacks and strokes. Those who entered the Capitol did so 20 minutes before the president finished his speech. The walk on a normal day to the Capitol from the White House is 20 minutes. Given the fact there were almost 100,000 supporters there, getting to the Capitol would have been difficult if they claim Trump incited them.

I also read the letter about supporting Biden’s commitment to gun law reform. “300,000 deaths by gun since the Sandy Hook tragedy.” Even when suicide deaths by firearm are included in that number it is not that high. Homicides in those years are approximately 71,000. Yes, all deaths are sad! The writer laments the increase in gun sales and “the more guns in our communities, the more deaths.” That is a skewed hypothesis. The US ranks 10th in mass shootings with Norway ranking number 1. Yes, a gun free country. US ranks twentieth in gun deaths per capita in the world. Most deaths are relegated to approximately 127 cities in the USA. All of the laws, for gun control on the books now, still won’t prevent most homicides. There is a large illegal market and guns are purchased illegally. Criminals do not follow the law. France and Britain have strict gun control laws, yet criminals still murder with illegal guns and knives and machetes and explosions. I suggest teaching virtue, and the importance of the family unit, and respect for the common good, before one attempts to tie the hands of legal, law abiding Americans who own firearms.

Dennis Laczkoskie

322 Spruce Street, Sunbury, Penn. February 26, 2021

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  1. @chrisbalch says:

    While I do support Second Amendment Rights, Mr. Laczkoskie confuses total deaths with per capita deaths. The United States leads the world in the total number of non-war related, mass shooting deaths.

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