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Customer Service At The Post Office



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Customer Service At The Post Office

(The following letter to Newtown’s Postmaster has been received for publication.)

Dear Postmaster:

I am aware that the US Postal Service is under serious financial strains right now, but if customer service and employee retention are part of your business plan (and they ought to be), you should pay attention to the situation that happens every Saturday morning at the service lobby at the Newtown Post Office.

Toward late morning there are large crowds standing in line waiting for passports, as well as mailing packages, etc. There are only two of the three registers open, and the postal service workers, while doing an outstanding job, are under severe pressure and forced to face the unhappiness of a large number of people.

Maureen and Leslie, who manned the desk today, are to be commended for their professionalism, friendliness, and keeping their cool under trying circumstances. Unfortunately, for a large number of people like myself, Saturday mornings are the only time to get post office errands done, and the long wait is quite an inconvenience.

Whoever is responsible for staffing decisions should make a point to observe this recurring situation and do whatever is necessary to provide an extra staff member at that time.

Sincerely yours,

Barbara Richardson

31 Osborne Hill Road Ext, Sandy Hook               February 25, 2012

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