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Census May Boost Number Of Liquor Stores



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Census May Boost

Number Of Liquor Stores

HARTFORD — The imminent release of Connecticut’s population figures from the US 2010 census will bring changes in the number of package stores allowed in cities and towns across the state, the Department of Consumer Protection is reporting.

“Under state law, the number of local package stores is tied to the federal census,” Consumer Protection Commissioner William M. Rubenstein said. “The Connecticut General Statutes allow one package store permit for every 2,500 residents of a town, as determined by the most recently completed decennial census.”

Most cities and towns are currently at their allowable number of liquor stores as established by the 2000 census, and the department has seen great interest in any new permits that may become available. The 2010 census numbers are expected to bring some much anticipated change to the mix.

“No liquor store permits will be taken away from towns that lost population according to the census, but an additional permit will be allowed for every increase of 2,500 persons in a given town,” Liquor Control Division Director John Suchy said. With so few new permits available, interest in the anticipated new permits may be significant, he said.

The Liquor Control Division will calculate the new town-by-town permit allowances once Connecticut’s official 2010 census data is received. The division has already established a protocol to manage the expected influx of new permit applications and has posted it on the Department of Consumer Protection’s website (ct.gov/dcp).

“We want people who are interested in pursuing a new liquor store permit to have this information so they are prepared to submit their application in a timely fashion once we release the new town data,” Mr Suchy said. “Applications will be reviewed and considered on a first-come, first served basis.”

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