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Residents, Guests Greet Gaggle Of Goats At Maplewood On Valentine’s Day



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Residents at Maplewood at Newtown, staff, and visitors were treated to special Valentine’s Day guests on February 14 — a friendly gaggle of goats!

Seated in the half moon in the lobby, the room and residents were prepared for the unusual guests to arrive, provided by the Washington business Got Your Goat.

“They’re supposed to make wonderful pets,” said resident Dot Watson, anticipating the experience. “I want pictures of them climbing all over me.”

Another resident, Bernice Jones, was surprised at the turnout.

“The crowd here is the most I’ve seen,” she said.

Ruby Highland, accompanied by her visiting daughter Kathleen, recalled an experience she shared with her husband seeing goats in New York.

“It was so funny,” Highland said. “I’m really here to relive that moment.”

Soon, goats began to make their entrance into the building — some on leashes, and some, to what seemed to be the delight of everyone, by themselves. A few goats were small enough to be carried in, snuggled in the arms of Maplewood staff members with grins on their faces.

The older goats who had strolled in alone also took it upon themselves to introduce themselves to participants, who were able to feed them crackers.

The littlest goats seemed content to curl up in the arms of residents who happily took them in. Those who chose not to interact with the goats were able to sit back and watch the event unfold. Sounds of laughter and excitement filled the Maplewood lobby from residents and visitors, and from staff who became goat herders for the hour.

Business owner Kristin Gill of Got Your Goat affirmed that this type of event was usual for her. The business also offers goat hikes and petting sessions with the babies, both popular.

“We have some due this week and we livestream the births,” Gill said.

The Newtown Bee asked Lifestyle Director Fran O’Neill if Maplewood would be doing this event again sometime soon.

“Oh yeah, next time we’ll do it outside,” she said.

Reporter Noelle Veillette can be reached at mailto://noelle@thebee.com.

Residents of Maplewood At Newtown Senior Living Community had some unusual Valentine’s Day guests — goats, provided by Got Your Goat of Washington. Visitors and staff joined in the event to feed and pet these barnyard friends. Here, Maplewood Lifestyle Director Fran O’Neill pauses to snuggle one of the furry friends that paid a Valentine’s Day visit.
Jennifer Newsom had heard through the grapevine that goats would be visiting Maplewood Senior Living, and couldn’t pass on the opportunity to visit and catch a few snuggles with the special guests.
With a goat in her arms, Maplewood staff member Brandi Lodice pays a visit to resident Mary Jane Song, who looks happy to welcome the baby in for a petting. While Laurie Lofgren, below left, holds a baby goat so resident Hilde Wolter can get some petting time in. —Bee Photos, Veillette
DO NOT USE IN PRINT — Already Ran last week as teaser Maplewood residents Mary Jane Song is pictured hugging a baby goat, as Angela Sortino, who recently celebrated her 103rd birthday looks on.
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