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In The Flight Path



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In The Flight Path

To the Editor:

I would like to thank Jan Andras for alerting me to the FAA flight path redesign plan [Letter Hive, February 29, “Flight Paths Changes Pose Problems For Newtown”] and ask my fellow citizens to sign the petition at www.sensibleairspace.org.

I have lived on Cemetery Road for 14 years and can tell you that at night when there is a hard rain or dense fog it sounds as though the jets are going to land on the roof, and that is with the current flight path. Please see the flight path maps on the sensibleairspace.org website and you will be convinced that should the FAA’s flight path redesign plan be implemented, our quality of life will be affected.

Melinda Reynolds

19 Cemetery Road, Newtown                                        March 4, 2008

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