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Upcoming Booth Library Programs Related To DEI



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Upcoming library programs related to its ongoing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts are listed below, as provided by C. H. Booth Library.

“Raise Your Voice for Social Justice!” Wednesday, March 17, 7 pm, via Zoom. The event description reads, “In this presentation Dr Jacqueline Guzda (WCSU) will highlight some episodes of her podcast, on issues like the implementation of road tolls in Connecticut, how corporate powers are overtaking our public lands in the West, and the like. She will even show you how to create your own podcast, cheaply and easily, so that you can broadcast your own voice on social justice issues that matter to you.” Registration is available online at eventkeeper.com/code/ekform.cfm?curorg=chbooth&curid=488489.

“Book Group Alert!” A Thursday, March 25, 7 pm, virtual event. A description reads, “The C.H. Booth Library is thrilled to be partnering with Newtown Allies for Change for an upcoming book discussion with the title White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo. The library ordered 20 physical copies of this controversial title and while we can always get more with a little lead time, we recommend that you reserve yours today — stop by or pick it up curbside. The library can also get e-copies of the book within minutes of a timely request — and we will do that gladly! The discussion leader will be Martha Brackeen-Harris, who writes, ‘Some people love the book and some feel as though Ms DiAngelo pushes a bit too hard. I think that the content provides for a rich discussion.’” Registration is available online at eventkeeper.com/code/ekform.cfm?curorg=chbooth&curid=496602. “Martha Brackeen-Harris is a retired educator with over 40 years of extensive experience in working with students and adults in a variety of public schools, independent schools, and college settings,” the description continues. “Martha holds a bachelor’s degree from the Pennsylvania State University and both a master’s and doctoral degree from the University of Hartford and has worked for school change as a member of several trustee boards and as a corporator in both school and community organizations. She has conducted numerous workshops for educators and parents at national conferences and public and independent schools. She is a founding member and served for 34 years as a trustee of the SPHERE Consortium of Independent Schools, an organization that seeks to make Hartford-area independent schools welcoming and safe communities for all employees and students. Her work through this organization and as a director of multicultural students, diversity director, and diversity consultant for various schools and organizations fed her love of diversity, equity, and social justice work. Over the past few years she has conducted school and community conversations about diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice by using current books about those topics, and is currently is the DEI consultant for the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education. Martha is the Sunday School Director of Union Baptist Church in Hartford and is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.”

A “Newtown Together” series also has three upcoming programs, described below.

“A History of Race in the United States,” a Wednesday, April 7, 7 pm, virtual event. “This one-hour virtual program led by Aqua Drakes and Katie Burton is an introduction to basic vocabulary, historical precedents, and current conditions of race in our country. The presentation will demonstrate how race was created, maintained, and manipulated throughout US history. Past/present connections demonstrate how legacies of injustice shape systems and society in the 21st Century. Audience members will be able to submit questions via the chat function.” Registration is available online at eventkeeper.com/code/ekform.cfm?curorg=chbooth&curid=495240.

“Allyship in Focus,” a Wednesday, April 21, 7 pm, virtual event. “This one-hour virtual program, led by [Drakes and Burton], provides a more advanced overview of the insidious ways racism manifests in our lives today. The presentation shows participants how liberal and progressive ideologies, especially those held by white people, maintain and contribute to racist systems. Audience members can submit questions via the chat function, and we will select and respond to some of those questions in the last portion of the program.” Registration is available at eventkeeper.com/code/ekform.cfm?curorg=chbooth&curid=495254.

“Allyship in Action,” a Wednesday, May 5, 7 pm virtual event. “This one-hour virtual program, led by [Drakes and Burton], empowers participants to enact anti-racist strategies and allyship in their own lives. Through scenarios, scripts, and an emphasis on language and color consciousness, this presentation provides a range of actions applicable for workplaces, schools, and interpersonal relationships.” Registration will be available soon for this program.

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