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To the Editor:

This letter has been written in response to Leah Mangino’s letter of 3-19-20 [“Wanted: A Playground For All”]. A copy of this has been sent to the Lions, as well as Leah:

Dear Leah,

I wondered how I would reconnect with the students of Newtown who I miss so dearly during this challenging time. But you and your family got busy brainstorming and shared your wonderful goal of which we can all be part.

I’m not sure how many of us know the sizeable number of children with special needs who will enjoy this apparatus with their families. I say “will” because this is what Newtowners do: Like you, Leah, we always try our best to make good things happen; this project will be no exception.

Thank you, Honey, to you and your family for bringing a much-needed light back into my [life] — and most likely, many others’ lives, as well.

I hope others will share their joy by sending a donation for playground equipment to Newtown Lions Club, PO Box 218, Newtown CT 06470.

Sheila Gervais

Special Needs Monitor with All-Star Transportation

16 Botsford Hill Road, Newtown March 30, 2020

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