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Dispensing Advice From A Colonial Apothecary



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Dispensing Advice From A Colonial Apothecary

At Newtown Historical Society’s next open house and living history demonstration on Sunday, April 10, Robert Young will describe the remedies and advice an apothecary would have provided to Colonial families, compare how some of those herbal remedies are used today, and display items from his personal collection of tools and supplies.

Mr Young will be at The Matthew Curtiss House, 44 Main Street in Newtown, from 1 to 4 pm that afternoon.

The remedies used in the colonies combined old world knowledge with Native American lore because some of the plants and minerals with a history of effectiveness were unavailable in America.

The Colonial apothecary learned his trade as an apprentice and had to develop the judgment to deal with variations in the pungency of plants affected by the soil and climate of the growing environment. He also had to consider the patients financial resources since the cost of a medicine depended on the rarity and amount of time and effort required to process the materials.

Mr Young’s interest in apothecary history began with his work as a physician’s assistant and his years in pharmaceutical school. He conducts research for Danbury Museum and Historical Society and participates in Revolutionary War reenactments, an activity that has provided access to additional research material.

Costumed docents will be available during the demonstration for guided tours of the circa 1750 Matthew Curtiss House, which serves as the historical society’s headquarters.

The event is free and open to the public.

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