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'It's Okay In Newtown'



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‘It’s Okay In Newtown’

To the Editor:

In the evenings, after hectic days (where my children don’t return home until almost 4, but that’s another letter), I find it critical to spend time with my kids, playing, eating dinner, reading to them. My time is valuable today and an investment in the future. This is one of the reasons I get really irate this time of year.

I do not think it a good reflection that citizens have to continually go to the finance board and Legislative Council meetings. We have elected the individuals serving on these boards to protect our interests in education, in responsible spending, and in our town. If their jobs were being done satisfactorily, we would not have to continually rally people to also spend their time away from their kids and at these meetings. If I wanted to be out these evenings, I would run for one of these boards. And yet people have to go to meeting after meeting, stating what they want, what they see as the needs, only to have their concerns ignored. When I attend meetings I have an expectation that my presence will matter. This has not been the case.

Since moving to this town four years ago, it seems to me that we are reacting as opposed to strategically planning for the future of this town. We are not improving our town and our schools, we have been systematically taking away programs that made our school great, at best we are fighting to maintain status quo. When I was in school that would be the equivalent of a “C” grade, indicating a need for extra help. To provide extra help people are coming to these meetings offering their experience or expertise and yet the decisions that are made are in direct conflict with the opinions expressed. We deserve better than that. We are capable of better than that. Our town is better than that. Our children deserve it. I know mine do. Unless we want to adopt a new town slogan, “It’s Okay in Newtown.”

I urge all board members and Legislative Council members to spend a day in the schools or listen to those of us who do. Please know what you are affecting when you reduce our budget. The recklessness with which our education budget has been slashed is frightening. I urge citizens to get out and vote, not only for the budget, but also when these individuals are up for reelection. If they won’t listen in the meetings, if they don’t think they need our help, we certainly do not need their “help.”

When we are proactive and plan for the future, children should be the first priority. They, after all, are the future.

Cathy Roche

20 Valley View Road, Newtown                                  March 29, 2005

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