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MoveOn.org's End Goal Is Socialism



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MoveOn.org’s End Goal Is Socialism

To the Editor:

Last week while trolling on Facebook [Jackie zVon] was apparently having a bad day and decided to take a reply I made to a friend’s post on The Bee’s Facebook page and use it for political and personal gain by exploiting it and me... I was taken by surprise to read The Bee as she attacked me personally in a letter to the editor [Letter Hive, 3/25/11, “Of Liberals And Standards”]. But as soon as her letter mentioned “My friends at MoveOn.org,” Jackie’s agenda and letter became transparent and predictable.

Jackie, I’m very sorry for your loss of a friend and that your husband is an unemployed construction worker. As I am a local building contractor that has faced recent economic shortfalls, I have infinite respect for the men and women that wear our uniform and you should be proud of your father’s service, as I am of every service man and women that serve. In addition to the before-mentioned, you used Gabrielle Giffords’ attempted murder to make a point (nice try, I’m sure it’s in the talking points memo you receive). That’s disgraceful. You did no service to any of these people by dragging them into this pathetic attempt to rile up your moveon.org base and use this public venue to vent your domestic and political frustrations.

Jackie, you don’t know me or what my beliefs are, the challenges I face, or the community service I do for this town. I’m not here to measure swords, but my community service record to this town is well defined and goes a bit further than walking dogs and donating a pint or two. But thank you!

Not that it’s any of your business, but I absolutely believe MoveOn.org’s end goal is socialism. I believe their liberal and progressive agenda is the wrong direction for this country as well as other countries that have unsuccessfully experimented with it. In addition, you mentioned “The American Dream” for our children. I have a 15-year-old daughter and raise her as a single parent. Socialism is not my “American Dream” for her or any of her peers.

Mrs zVon, you’re welcome! I’m happy that my post motivated you to go to the rally. I’m glad you had to shiver in the cold as MoveOn.org’s rally was sent into the street where it belonged. It was, without a doubt, the perfect environment for you to spend the end of the day.

In my opinion MoveOn.org should have never considered the use of our public schools for their political rally, which was the base of the Facebook discussion, and comment that sent you into this poorly concocted tizzy. Would it have been ok to pursue a Tea Party rally at the middle school? Of course not, but again ... double standards.


Dave Jossick

2 Fox Run Lane South, Newtown                                March 28, 2011

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