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Turn A Walk Into A Cleanup Activity



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To the Editor:

Other than engaging in a thorough spring cleaning, reading things long set aside for “someday,” binging on a Netflix series, the opportunity to take a walk in the beautiful transitioning spring weather has become a very popular activity. But just walking is limited in the exercise that could be gained. How about taking along a trash bag and pair of gloves to pick up some trash while on that walk?

This activity has had a little bit of organized activity as part of the local Earth Day observance. However, that day is always set after the roadside grass has grown 6-8 feet blocking the view of lots of the trash. With this year’s Earth Day activities being canceled, how about we all take our own walks along a section of road that is strewn with trash and do some outdoor cleaning? Maybe the town would be willing to retrieve the bags if you let them know of the effort you’ve made to make Newtown Nicer.

I will start with cleaning Cold Spring Road near Middle Gate School where it’s easy to pick up lots of liquor bottles. Who’s joining the exercise/effort?

Granville Reed

Lazybrook Road, Newtown March 31, 2020

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  1. christineelizabethm says:

    Hello! My family has been doing this for years (since our now 16 year old was in Project Eagle at SHS). We have picked up over 30 bags of litter since the quarantine started. Kristy Davenport, paraeducator at SHS just picked up a ton of litter too! It is my hope that this is one of the many ways we can (again) take something tragic and horrible and use it to do some good. Thank you!

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