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Kapoor Is ‘Ready For The Job’



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To the Editor:

The Monroe Republican Party and Scott campaign are running a partisan, misleading campaign. They sent out its first mailer to make it look like it came from a local government office supporting his candidacy — a false representation to the people of Monroe and Newtown. The Scott campaign continues to place signs on town and state properties despite local and state statutes that prohibit such acts.

Furthermore, Scott’s campaign continues to claim things that aren’t true. For example, Scott claims that Legislative Democrats have “ shut down public hearings.” False. Thousands of Connecticut citizens have testified virtually since the beginning of session.

Second, Scott claims that “ hearings [are held] behind closed doors.” False. All hearings, meetings, and votes of legislators have been held in the public.

Third, Scott claims the state legislature “convene[s] for voting only in rare moments.” False. All legislators must be in the Capitol or in the Legislative Office Building to vote on final passage of bills. It seems that Tony Scott doesn’t know what’s going on at the Capitol and is uninformed about how our state government runs.

Nick Kapoor, on the other hand, has worked across the aisle to get things done in Monroe on the Town Council and Board of Education, as well as serving on a state level commission, and he will continue to do that in the State House. Our district has the opportunity to elect a true representative of the people. Nick is ready for the job — his qualifications in the public and private sector position him to jump into the work of the legislature mid-session. Nick will provide a seat at the table for Newtown and Monroe like we haven’t had in 40 years. Vote for truth, integrity, and experience. Vote Nick Kapoor on April 13th.

Sue and Don Koneff

7 Georges Lane, Monroe April 2, 2021

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