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A Tribute To Newtown's School System



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A Tribute To Newtown’s

School System

To the Editor:

Before I moved to Newtown 14 years ago I knew very little about this town. I caught my first glimpse at a St Patrick’s Day Parade in N.Y. around 1986 when I heard their wonderful high school band playing. I remember waiting to see where the band was from; little did I know I would be living in Newtown shortly thereafter.

Since then I have just been so amazed at the quality of the education that is offered to the students and at the accomplishments of those who take advantage of that education. I have had two daughters graduate from the high school and so I see and have been made aware of their accomplishments.

The most recent is that of Jeff White, a former writer for The Newtown Bee. He recently had an article published in the Wall Street Journal. Jeff graduated from Newtown High with my daughter Melissa in 1995. That makes Jeff 23 years old. What a tribute to his family and the Newtown school system.

Congratulations Jeff! One question. Where do you go from here?

Carol Rodriguez

55 The Boulevard, Newtown                          April 2, 2001

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