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What are some of America's most pressing social issue? How can teens make a difference?



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What are some of America’s most pressing social issue? How can teens make a difference?

Tara Cerreta: “I am an avid supporter of same-sex marriage. It’s a matter of equality. Teens [who support it] can write their legislators to approve a bill that allows same-sex marriage [from a political viewpoint].”

Annie Schneider: “No matter what the issue is, be it abortion, gay rights or women’s rights, it’s important to increase awareness in our schools and communities. Schools, for example, can form clubs addressing social issues. You have to start small to go big!”

Tilly Philbrick: “A lot of our social problems are rooted in economic deprivation. We need to raise awareness in schools and communities and support laws that support living wages and other measures.”

Linda Chamiec-Case: “We need to be more aware of world issues in general. I recently read an article where 80 percent of teens couldn’t identify Afghanistan on a map. We need to discuss current events in the classroom and at home.”

Becka Davila: “Teen pregnancy is a big problem. We need to educate teens on birth control and make birth control methods easier to access. We also need to make teens aware of sexually-transmitted diseases.”

Emily Oliver: “Regardless of the social issue, I believe a major way anyone can affect change is to vote. Even teens can lobby their legislators and encourage older family members to get involved. I am concerned about voter apathy.”

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