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To the Editor:

Re John Karlson’s letter “A Disturbing Letter” (The Letter Hive, March 29, 2024)

I don’t agree with him but defend his right to say it. It is still a country where you are entitled to your opinion. In my opinion Trump is the one who is causing divisiveness in this country. However, I will stick to the facts.

Trump weakened or eliminated dozens of health, safety, and environmental regulations.

He rolled back banking regulations so banks could once again participate in high-risk behavior.

He gave the rich a trillion-dollar tax break blowing a hole in the national budget.

He denied COVID existed and helped spread it in the early months of the pandemic through his inaction.

He later handed COVID money out hand over fist with no oversight.

He has called soldiers losers.

He stole money from the military housing fund to use to build a wall.

He had private meetings with Russians in the White House and Putin in Russia and confiscated the notes of what was said.

He delayed sanctions on Russia, and later delayed military aid to Ukraine.

He emboldened groups like the proud boys by refusing to condemn their racist and violent behavior.

He tried to enlist Ukraine’s president (“I would like you to do us a favor though”) in a partisan scheme to discredit the son of his 2020 presidential opponent, by withholding US aid to apply pressure.

He incited an insurrection on the Capitol where 140 police officers were brutally assaulted while he sat and watched it on TV and did NOTHING to stop it.

He has threatened to jail all those who oppose him if he is elected.

He has shared classified information with non-cleared individuals.

He is currently selling Bibles that were made sacrilegious by adding the constitution and bill of rights to it.

He makes a mockery of the judicial system by continually making public statements about witnesses, prosecutors, court staff and their family members.

Toni Cargill

Sandy Hook

A letter from Toni Cargill.
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  1. qstorm says:

    Preaching to the choir here in the land of NPCs.

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