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Are We Taking The Time To Heal?



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To the Editor:

As the parent of a student at Sandy Hook School December 14th was a horrific day.  I am blessed to have my child.

My sympathy and regret goes to the parents who lost a child that terrible morning.  I’m so sorry for your loss.

 After the 14th I thought life would gradually improve.  Sadly, I’ve learned it gets worse before it gets better.  Emotional healing is a process, not an event.

Life for Sandy Hook School parents, students and staff has been a whirlwind since the 14th.  In addition to our already hectic schedules we moved into a new school, attended meetings about the future of Sandy Hook School and sought counseling to cope with this tragedy. 

Are we taking the time to heal?  Everyone heals differently; I know there isn’t one answer for all.

Many people who were at Sandy Hook School on the 14th are taking on additional responsibilities because they want to make a difference.  Some good must come of this tragedy.

I see parents who are emotionally drained, and unaware of it, pushing forward.  When do we find time to tend to our wounds?  When do we make time to heal? 

We must let our children know they are most important!  The only way to show a child they are important is by spending time with them, by listening to them, by laughing with them.  Do you remember the hours your parents spent away from you or the minutes they spent with you?

A forum I attended stressed that routines help children heal; like going to bed at the same time every night or eating a healthy dinner.  That was all but impossible in late December but now we have the opportunity to get back to our old routines.

If you were at the school on December 14th please consider if you are pushing too hard.  Are you trying so hard to make up for this tragedy that you are putting your family, or your health, at risk?

A light bulb is brightest before it burns out.  How brightly have you been burning lately?

John W. Holden

68 Berkshire Road, Sandy Hook April 10, 2013

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