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Boston Tragedy Prompts Temporary Support Center, Opening April 17 At Booth Library



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In response to the tragic events in Boston on April 15, the Town of Newtown is providing a space for the community to have an opportunity to gather for support, guidance, or simply to be with one another, Health District Director Donna Culbert has announced.

“As we continue to navigate through our own response to the tragic events in Newtown, the events in Boston are unsettling and will impact each of us differently,” Ms Culbert said in announcing the temporary center. “The Cyrenius Booth Library will be a location for community members to gather should you so desire, and we will work diligently to make resources and support available to suit your needs.”

Signs will direct visitors to the support center from each entrance of the library, at 25 Main Street.

Ms Culbert and the professionals staffing the center encourage residents who feel sad, anxious, depressed, angry or fearful because of the bombing incidents in Boston this week to utilize and reach out to those mechanisms of support that you find soothing and helpful: family, friends, faith based organizations, neighbors, counselors, exercise, art, work. 

They also advise residents who are being affected by continuing news updates on the incident to turn off or limit exposure to the coverage.

“Most importantly, don’t be alone. Be with one another,” Ms Culbert is advising.

The Library support center will be open Wednesday and Thursday, April 17-18, from 11 am to 7 pm; and Friday, April 19, from 11 am to 5 pm. There are plans in the works to also have some hours available on the weekend. Check back for updates on the center adding additional hours.

For additional information, call the Health District at 203-270-4291.

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