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Humbled And Grateful — And Determined



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To the Editor:

Go team! I’m even more humble and grateful to be in Newtown where y’all have come together to help achieve some of the goals I have set. With COVID, I realized I wouldn’t be able to conduct the tag sales needed [The Newtown Bee, “58,000 Returns And Counting: Betty Presnell’s One-Woman Bottle & Can Drive,” January 8 2021] to raise money for Nunnawauk Meadows as the president of the Residents’ Association — so I prayed and wished for returnables.

Not only have y’all helped raise $2,500 for Nunnawauk Meadows [through cashing in donated returnables], we started sharing with FAITH Food Pantry of Newtown. As we reach and exceed one goal, we set another and will always make FAITH Food the priority — but also include others.

A couple of weeks ago, we donated $500 for the American Diabetics [The Newtown Bee, “Still Collecting, and Redeeming, Returnable Cans & Bottles,” April 9, 2021] and now we’re saving for the America Cancer Society. I won’t take all the credit, because each of you that have donated cans, bottles, or money have become a part of this generous fundraiser.

Someone asked, how long will we continue to do this? I don’t have an answer to that; but as long as folks want to help, I’ll do this. I believe my goal here on earth is to help where I can, so thank y’all so much for your generosity and caring. You are so important and appreciated.

God bless.

Betty Presnell

1D Nunnawauk Meadows, Newtown April 23, 2021

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