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Plan Playgrounds With Disabled Children In Mind         



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Plan Playgrounds With Disabled Children In Mind         

To the Editor,

Last week, I read the article about the new playground being planned for Treadwell. My little boy, age 21/2, has Cerebral Palsy and cannot walk or sit on his own. He does, however, thrill at being around other children in play environments. How difficult would it be for us to remember those who are not so fortunate to have been born with all of our motor skills... Daniel loves to swing, and play...

It would be a breath of fresh air for us families who have children in wheel chairs, walkers, braces, etc., to have a playground that is accessible for our children. Both Dickinson and Treadwell currently do not offer my son any accessibility. In order for him to swing, he must ride on my lap; in order for him play in the sand, he must sit with me in the sand.

Please Newtown, there is a community of families in this town with little children who want a chance to play and integrate on a Sunday afternoon. I am sure that with our resources, there must be a way to put in a handicapped swing, or other pieces of accessible playground equipment that everyone... including Daniel... could enjoy.


Julie Hasselberger

2 Stuart Drive, Newtown                                               May 1, 2000

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