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Borough Election


To the Editor:

We would like to encourage all registered voters residing in the borough to vote on May 4, 2009, at Edmond Town Hall, between 6 am and 8 pm in the Old Courtroom (south side entrance). This is an important election as there are four people running for three Board of Burgess seats. A special thanks to the scores of borough officials and volunteers who work quietly and tirelessly, donating thousands of hours to preserve our “pristine early American elegance.” There is no better example of borough preservation efforts than a comparison to lost historic centers in other towns: Newtown (preserved). Stepney (lost). downtown Milford (lost), Trumbull Main Street (lost), etc. This Monday, May 4, it is imperative that borough freepersons once again vote and support the preservation of our heritage, our inheritance, and our children’s inheritance.

With preservation in mind, we would encourage borough voters to once again endorse Joan Crick, Marie Walker, and Betsy Kenyon for seats on the Board of Burgesses. Perhaps for most people these three pillars of our community need no introduction, but for new folks, here’s a short recitation on their accomplishments.

Joan Crick was Warden of the borough for some 20 years. Mrs Crick is a Glover, one of the founding families of Newtown. Her extensive knowledge and experience is invaluable. To know more about Joan (one of Newtown’s first women’s star athletes — college scholarship for basketball and former Recreation girls’ basketball coach with a yearly Sportsmanship Award named after her) please see the book by Andrea Zimmerman, Mary Maki, and Daniel Cruson, Newtown Remembered: More Stories of the 20th Century p 97–119, 2006, found in the library.

Marie Walker and her husband Cliff come from our remaining historic farming community. Marie is a Ferris (Ferris Farm and the Creamery). The Ferris and Walker families have long been dedicated to Newtown. To know more about Marie you may reference the same book mentioned above, pgs 9–31. Marie serves the important job of treasurer of the borough (she’s also Mrs Claus every year at the Christmas Tree lighting at Ram Pasture). She has been a burgess for more than 20 years. In times of difficult decisions, Marie’s judgment is spot on; she’s irreplaceable.

Betsy Kenyon is also a longtime resident of Newtown. She is a business professional, has been on the Board of Burgesses for years and was one of the original initiators of the Historic District. She is currently vice chairperson of the Historic District and was instrumental in the recent expansion that now includes Newtown Savings Bank and Ram Pasture. She is a former treasurer of the borough. Her community giving extends beyond Newtown; she recently returned from Louisiana building houses with Habitat for Humanity.

All three women deserve our gratitude and our votes. Newtown and the borough need them to continue their good work. Please don’t take it for granted that someone else can vote. Every vote is essential in this contested election!

A vote for Joan Crick, Marie Walker, and Betsy Kenyon is a vote for it being “Nicer in Newtown.”

Thank you.

Jim Gaston

Stephanie Gaston

18 Main Street, Newtown                                               April 28, 2009

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