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Good Enough Never Is



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Good Enough Never Is

To the Editor:

I am shocked and surprised. Surprised because the budget did not pass and we have so many families with children in this town. It’s hard for me to believe that education is not a priority for them, since that is why most of us have moved here in the first place. Shocked, because there was so little turnout and because it seems there was not a sign to be found in the town reminding people to vote! I voted on Tuesday, and in my travels around town, I saw not one sign!

We moved to Newtown from Wilton almost two years ago. We lived in Wilton for almost ten years. During that time we passed every single initial budget proposal. It was a hardship for many people, us included, but the long-term gains were so much more attractive; an excellent school system, and extremely high property values. We reaped the rewards of that increase in property value within ten years. The amount of money we paid in extra property taxes was but a drop in the bucket compared to the increase in our property value in that amount of time!

 So what have we gained from declining the first budget proposal? Our taxes will still remain high, but the education cuts are extremely damaging to our students. Don’t be fooled and think it is not! I have a daughter who will be going into the fourth grade in September and her grade is getting particularly socked with cuts. My daughter is only going to be in fourth grade once and she is being short-changed in my opinion. That makes me mad! Why don’t we support the superintendent of our schools? He put together a budget he feels is necessary for the future success of our schools, a conservative one, there are no frills in this! Don’t we want the best education possible for our kids? Or do we want good enough? Because in my opinion, good enough never is! Get out and vote Yes at the next referendum!

Linda Watson

51 High Rock Road, Sandy Hook                                 April 28, 2003

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