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Psychic Delivers Messages For 'Highest Good' To Senior Center Members



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Those looking to connect with their deceased loved ones attended psychic medium Patty Griffin's group reading at the Newtown Senior Center on April 27. The "Whispers From Heaven" event was offered through the center's popular Lunch & Learn program.To learn more about psychic medium Patty Griffin, visit .pattygriffinmedium.com

Ms Griffin's website states that in addition to her being a medium, she is an "intuitive, clairvoyant, empath, Reiki Master, certified Angel Card Reader by Doreen Virtue, and [an] Angel Links Facilitator" who has felt she had her gift for her entire life.

When introducing herself to the audience at the start of her reading, she said that the spirits she channels may bring up a variety of scenarios from milestone life events to a recent conversation someone had.

"Pay attention to everything I do," Ms Griffin emphasized as she explained how she may relay messages not only through her speech, but also by body language and gestures.

She began her group reading with a prayer asking that only messages for everyone's "highest good" come through. Then she made a special prayer intention to Archangel Michael for protection, Archangel Raphael for Healing, and God to be with them.

Ms Griffin asked everyone to take a deep breath and began to channel spirits.

As she walked over to the left side of the room, she asked who there connects with the initial "J" and about someone having a breathing issue. A woman at a table nearby said she understand both.

When discussing the topic of health care for the person they were connecting with, Ms Griffin relayed to the woman that she made the correct decisions.

"As long as you know what it means, I want to acknowledge it," she said.

At another point in the reading, Ms Griffin walked to the other side of the room and said that someone who had one name but went by a nickname that was a completely different than their name was coming through.

When a woman confirmed that it sounded like one of her loved ones, Ms Griffin then asked if she understood why the spirit would have her want to acknowledge burns or being burned. After hearing that, the woman revealed to Ms Griffin that she has burn scars on her body.

Throughout the afternoon reading, there were tears shed and lighter moments of laughter as Ms Griffin sought to deliver messages from spirits to the seniors in the audience.

Psychic medium Patty Griffin delivered messages from spirits to members of the Newtown Senior Center during the Lunch & Learn program on April 27. (Bee Photo, Silber)
Patty Griffin, psychic medium, shares a thought with a guest at the Lunch & Learn event at the Senior Center. (Bee Photo, Silber)
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