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NMS Trip To DC: A Wonderful Newtown Tradition



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To the Editor:

This is a thank you note to the parents, educators, and citizens of Newtown, who for many years have supported a wonderful, living civics lesson for Newtown Middle School students. Last week I had the good fortune to be able to chaperone the NMS annual trip to Washington, DC. Admittedly, I was initially skeptical about the incredible amount of logistical work, the hours of planning, and frankly, the cost of this short trip. But other parents assured me that the trip was well worth the time and money for the evident benefits it had for their children in previous years. Boy, am I grateful I listened to them.

Every aspect of the trip was thoughtfully planned and extraordinarily well run. Principal Tom Einhorn, the cluster teachers, counselors, and nursing staff (along with the tour guides and bus drivers) all did an outstanding job of keeping hundreds of eighth grade students (teenagers!) on-task, engaged, and safe. Throughout the trip I was impressed by the kindness and attention these professionals gave to our children. We are lucky to have them - and our children benefit materially from the extra work they do to make this trip happen every year.

Finally, I want to thank the Class of 2021 for making me proud of them everywhere we went. This is, apparently, school-trip season in DC and thousands of students descend on the same prominent sites. At every stop, our students behaved respectfully, thoughtfully, and yes, energetically, as we would wish. My job as a chaperone was made infinitely easier because of the way our students behaved. I ended the trip thinking: we have a lot of good kids in Newtown. So thanks to everyone involved. And thanks to my small group: go Dandy Lions!

Charles Baraw

9 Georges Hill Road, Newtown         May 3, 2017

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