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Consigning Democrats To Hell



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Consigning Democrats To Hell

To the Editor:

My daughter was part of the St Rose confirmation class this year. During her preparation, she asked me why, after all of the sex abuse scandals, the lack of women leaders in the church, the arcane dogma and other issues that one might find morally objectionable, why would I consider myself a Catholic?

The answer was easy. I explained to her the concepts of humility, forgiveness and grace. I passionately described the responsibilities of Catholic Social Teaching, something that guides my thoughts and actions every day.

But if she asked me the same question this week, after seeing the Test of Fire video on the St Rose website, I would not be able to give her the same answer. If this video is a true representation of the Church’s views, then humility must’ve been left off the liturgy. The message, with its burning fire, ominous underscore and innuendo on specific political issues is clear: if you vote Democrat, you are going to Hell. Is the irony of its “Freedom” theme lost in this production that is evocative of the Crusades?

While their intentions may be sincere, Catholics who vote Republican simply as a show of their faith are being misled by propaganda such as Test of Fire. There are more faithful ways to address deficiencies in our society. Demonizing Democrats is not one of them.

Test of Fire insists that certain issues are not negotiable, but in doing so, it suggests that our intelligence is.

If my daughter ever asks the question again, I’ll show her this video. Then I will point to the work of Catholic women religious — the nuns who have been recently vilified by the Vatican for their focus on helping the poor rather than on abortion and gay marriage. She can decide on her own which is a better show of faith.

Trish Dardine

17 Pleasant Hill Road, Newtown                                      May 1, 2012

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