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Avoid Lawsuits — Protect The First Amendment



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To the Editor:

I’m sure there isn’t much that I can add that hasn’t been said already. So I’m writing a quick note to say that failure to uphold the Constitution by restricting Newtown students’ access to books of all kinds will likely cost the district tremendously. My research shows that courts across the nation have frowned upon this behavior considerably.

Please, do not be fooled by people who, just two years ago cried out loudly that the school system shouldn’t force their children to wear masks, yet now they are trying to tell everyone’s children what they can and cannot read.

Most of these people don’t have children in the schools that will be affected by your choice. You’ve entrusted a special committee to do a deep dive and therefore you should trust the decision they have made. We teach our children about the First Amendment — now let’s show them that we know how to respect it.

Thank you,

Nicole Maddox

Sandy Hook

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  1. qstorm says:

    Fear of costly litigation should not be a factor. Although lots of organizations with deep pockets backing such an agenda may bankroll such litigation.

  2. tscinto says:

    Many of us have children on the same bus as high school students. Many of us have kids getting ready to enter high school. Not all of us give our children free access to social media. Many children start high school at age 13. Parents know their children’s maturity level, not the school. These books don’t belong in any school.

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