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Protecting Your 1st Amendment Right



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To the Editor:

In the past four weeks there has been a lot of attention given to our board as a group of parents attempt to ban books they have not even read. I would like to use this space to address Newtown Public School students belonging to the LGBTQ+ community.

To you, I would like to say, I am truly sorry.

I can only imagine how difficult your life is just for being you. I can imagine there are times you must feel lonely, scared, and overwhelmed. There may have been times when you were bullied and asked yourself, “why can’t I be like everyone else?”

I can imagine you have tried to fit into the mold others expect of you. I can imagine that some days are darker than others. In those dark days, maybe, just maybe, a book like Flamer is the reflection you need to see to get through your day. I am sorry that a group of parents has decided to jump on their political party’s bandwagon of censorship and homophobia and are attempting to ban these books under the guise of “book challenge” and “age appropriateness.”

Please know that for every one person who has spoken in support of book banning, there are 100 of us who oppose it. We see you and we support YOU.

To quote Flamer, “...even if all of them were to forsake you, you are enough.” We are with you and should the vote for banning these books pass, we will not stop protecting your 1st Amendment right.

All students should be able to see themselves reflected back in the pages of the books in our libraries. We will continue to push forward because we are the adults, and it is our job to make sure you feel safe and part of our community. You have the right to be unapologetically yourself.

Jessica Velasco


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  1. qstorm says:

    Not in the school library. Go to Booth already. Buy on Amazon.

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