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Where Are The Polls?



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Where Are The Polls?

To The Editor:

I got a bit miffed on April 26, when I was about to go vote. Apparently, the various signs and notices I had received regarding the town election, all indicated the vote was being held at the “Intermediate School,” but gave no further address. We drove around to various school buildings before finding the correct one, just minutes before the polls closed.

While I’m certain that parents of school age children are familiar with the names of the various school buildings, those of us without children perhaps are not. Since parents of school children generally prefer increased school spending, and those on fixed incomes are inclined to hold-the-line on spending, one could speculate that the election would be compromised if a significant number of No voters couldn’t find the polling place in time.

While I’m not suggesting impropriety, I hope in future elections, that the street address be included in any and all notices regarding poling places.

Frank Viola

320 Great Quarter Road, Sandy Hook                            May 3, 2005

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