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20-60 Castle Hill Road Development Is Mislabeled



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To the Editor, and to the residents of Newtown:

The proposed Taunton Hill development is listed at 20-60 Castle Hill Rd, which is actually the address of the emergency exit for the development.

The actual address is on Mt Pleasant Rd at Johnnie Cake Lane, which is where the actual driveway will be for the residents and public. Perhaps you are wondering how the traffic pattern will work on the heavily traveled hill; me too. In the proposal there is to be a traffic light on Mt Pleasant, on that very hill. Add that to the town’s traffic nightmares.

With this housing proposal, there are so many detriments to the town, this should be on the list too.

Sherry Bermingham


A letter from Sherry Bermingham.
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  1. tomj says:

    I for one was glad to her that the entrance would be off Johnnie Cake Lane, having more traffic at the flag pole would be painful (plus it’s further from my house).

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