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Enjoy Casual ‘Walk & Talk’ With First Selectman



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Stroll through Fairfield Hills with First Selectman Dan Rosenthal on alternating Fridays, beginning May 24.

He invites residents to join him in walking the trails at Fairfield Hills, weather permitting, every other Friday, from May 24 through August 30, from noon to approximately 12:45 pm. Guests should plan to meet Mr Rosenthal near the southern entrance of Newtown Municipal Center, 3 Primrose Street (opposite the new Newtown Community Center and Senior Center building under construction), for each of these programs.

For those interested but unable to walk the trails, Mr Rosenthal will then be available in his office from 12:45 to 1:30 pm.

“I was thinking of more laid-back ways to try to interact with people outside of the typical government structure,” such as a Board of Selectmen’s meeting, Mr Rosenthal said. The afternoon walks will get residents outside walking, promoting fitness, and will show off the Fairfield Hills campus, he said.

“I thought for many people, Fridays in the summer are usually more flexible. I hope people take advantage of it,” the first selectman said.

Mr Rosenthal is also planning to add in several evening or weekend walks, with the dates to be determined.

He feels that stepping outside of the government structure will create another way for residents to speak with him about town topics.

“People can attend meetings and share points of view, but in a meeting structure, that person has to come and step up to the microphone,” he said. “That setting can be a little intimidating.”

A meeting structure, the board may not have a chance to respond, he said.

A walk and talk along scenic trails “is a casual way for people to speak about what is going on.”

He said that “If nothing else, people can go on a walk. People will be able to hear what’s going on or share thoughts — or if they have a question, they can ask.”

The first selectman wants to “point people in the right direction” if they have questions better answered by the Planning & Zoning Commission, for instance, he said.

During the walk, people can listen to dialogue, Mr Rosenthal commented. “No question is ever too little.”

First Selectman Dan Rosenthal is hoping to be joined by Newtown residents interested in walking along the trails of Fairfield Hills and chatting about Town issues this summer. Mr Rosenthal will launch "Walk & Talk with First Selectman Rosenthal" on Friday, May 24. Those who cannot join him on the trails are invited to meet him at his office within Newtown Municipal Center following each walk, which are scheduled for every other Friday through August 31.

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