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Sexualizing Youth Is Not Progressive



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To the Editor:

It seems a war zone out here, complete with a political rally before the board meeting. A person was attacked last month. It feels like the top is popping in this wonderful town. I personally am appalled at how many adults here have such vocal interest in influencing minors’ sexuality. Hard to believe this is a public debate.

It’s hardly even a debate, as when a mob jeers at anyone with an opposing viewpoint, actual discourse is shut down.

There is much talk about leaving our children’s education up to the experts. But appealing to authority is a logical fallacy. An idea must hold on its own, and if an “expert” can’t explain it in laymen’s terms, then they don’t understand it themselves. This is especially true in subjects about our children. We parents are the experts here.

What I see happening here is religious fervor. Those wanting authority to give sexualized material to minors claim science. But spirit-science is a more suitable term. Sexualizing youth is not progressive, it is very old. These sexual ideologies stem from the writings of Thoth, but you can better understand them today by reading Hegel, Freire, Foucault, and Butler. All are occultists that I suggest everyone familiarize themselves with.

I won’t delve into their philosophies, but contrary to popular belief you don’t have to know you’re in a religion to be ideologically captured by one. An organization who asks to deny your senses, paternal and corporeal, and instead defer to their group of experts, would certainly qualify as such. Is the panel who voted to keep the books well versed in Gnosticism?

If not, how can they have voted as an “expert” here? If this is the religion you choose to practice, then that is up to you. This is America after all, and I will treat you with love and respect. However, giving my children your religious perspectives in school is unacceptable.

My humble request is only that our schools return to a neutral state. The school should be focused on teaching facts, not religiously sexual-social engineering the students. Giving minors this material is working from a religious philosophy that we do not share. This is not about hate. I get along well with anyone not looking to take advantage of me, and I have nothing but love for everyone here regardless of their orientation or skin color. I’ve lived in a lot of places, and this one takes the cake for the best. This is also not about bigotry, which requires the held belief to be unreasonable. You “ban,” better said “curate” books all the time. But here you place images of children jerking off.

I find this unreasonable. Anyone asking us to leave the most important things in our lives, our children, up to the aforementioned sexuality “experts,” strange philosophers with questionable beliefs and motivations, who I do not trust regardless of how many awards they give each other, is taking advantage.

Aaron Malin

Sandy Hook

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  1. suh_dude says:

    You seem upset lol.

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