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Capeci For Running Mate



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To the Editor:

Hopefully many of you have heard or read of my intention to seek the endorsement of the Republican Town Committee for the office of first selectman. I write now to announce that while it remains the prerogative of that committee to chose a selectman candidate running mate to the first selectman candidate chosen, I am requesting that Jeff Capeci be considered for that running mate position, if I am the chosen first selectman candidate.

Jeff is a longtime Newtown resident. He and his wife, Tanya, are active members of the community. They have two children, Bradley and Greta, both in the Newtown school system.

I have known Jeff for 15-20 years. We have campaigned together and, more importantly, have collaborated on local issues often, when we were on the Legislative Council together and thereafter. Indeed, like me, Jeff is a former chair of the Legislative Council. As such, he is experienced in Newtown's budgeting process and issues. He led council members to consensus with skill and tact.

While our views are not always identical, we communicate well and respect each other, so occasional differences will not be an issue. I'm not looking for a "yes man" but instead for an independent thinker so we can bring two minds to the challenges facing Newtown, such as the real prospect of continuing cuts in state aid. Jeff fits the bill to a "T."

Together we hope to represent the party in the general election in the fall. Once interviews have begun, we look forward to commencing a fair, substance-centered campaign that focuses more on direct contact and less on social media, though we will, of course, have presence there as well. We ask for your fair and serious consideration.

Will Rodgers

208 Hattertown Road, Newtown         May 31, 2017

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