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Scores From The Soccer Pitch



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Scores From The Soccer Pitch

Youth soccer results:



Monroe 2, Panthers 0: Newtown Panthers faced a tough Monroe team in their first tournament game falling 2-0. Audrey Sedensky was robbed of a great shot early in the game by the goal post, while Maria Ringes, Juliette Grover and Elizabeth Chamiec-Case all had shots on goal foiled by an aggressive Monroe goal tender. Mary Hufziger showed her aggressive side earning possession of the ball with her physical play. Briana Benson’s defense was solid, while Alex Futterman’s fearless defense of the goal turned a formidable Monroe offense around. Catherine Shaw controlled the flow of the game with well-placed throw-ins, while Kira Kelly shined in goal in the second half. Greta Staubly, sidelined with an injured ankle, cheered her teammates on.

Panthers 1 Fairfield 0: The Panthers claimed their first victory of the tournament on Saturday morning against Fairfield. The girls showed great teamwork and a skilled passing game under Coach Kelly’s tutelage. Lauren Russo led the Panthers with her speed and relentless pressure on Fairfield resulting in several shots on goal and a textbook cross to Elizabeth Chamiec-Case for a shot on goal. Mary Hufziger and Kaitlyn Riley added more offensive pressure with shots on goal under the heat of Fairfield’s defense. Maria Ringes never let the pressure up on offense with shots on goal and fine footwork. Allie Paynter showed her speed and agility turning Fairfield’s advances back, while Bryanna Benson and Priya Deraney stripped the ball from the offense with their fine footwork. Catherine Shaw picked up any defensive slack with great body blocks, and Dani Otero used her head, turning Fairfield advances around with at least seven headers. Diana Kirkman’s consistent play in defense led to a Panthers scoring opportunity for Juliette Grover, who sailed downfield with the ball for the winning goal.

Panthers 3, Fairfield 0: The Panthers crushed a second Fairfield team in their third matchup of the tournament. Maria Ringes, Juliette Grover and Lauren Russo moved the ball with precision passing and well-controlled first touches, resulting in Ringes connecting with a beautiful goal early in the second half. Audrey Sedensky dominated the field as a midfielder complimenting her teammate, Priya Derany’s offensive play. The goal tenders Kira Kelly and Alex Futterman showed their versatility with field play resulting in shots on goal for both. Kaitlyn Riley scored the Panther’s second goal after a well-placed passing play from Catherine Shaw to Elizabeth Chamiec-Case to Hana Rosenthal. Rosenthal finished off Fairfield with her inaugural goal late in the second half with the Panther’s third unanswered goal. Diana Kirkman and Allie Paynter teamed up to be a dominating defensive powerhouse. Bryanna Benson also showed good hustle challenging Fairfield at every turn.

Panthers 0, Ridgefield 0: Panthers came away with a scoreless tie against Ridgefield in their final tournament game. The Panthers dominated the field, keeping the ball within striking distance of the goal for most of the game. Lauren Russo, Katily Riley and Juliette Grover all had multiple shots on goal foiled by the Ridgefield goaltender. Allie Paynter, Diana Kirkman, Catherine Shaw and Briyanna Benson became a defensive wall turning Ridgefield’s offensive advances around. Paynter and Kirkman challenged the few Ridgefield breakaways, while Kira Kelly and Alex Futterman both aggressively defended the goal. Hana Rosenthal mixed it up by using her body to fend off Ridgefield. Elizabeth Chamiec-Case’s fine footwork and speed led to a shot on goal. Dani Otero and Mary Hufziger played aggressively, pushing the ball to the goal.


Team Five 4, American Eagles 0: For Team Five, goals were contributed by Pip Gamble who netted two, Kaitlyn McNichols and Emily Booth. The defense was anchored by Emily Toby, Bridget McDonald and Ajene Arokium. The Eagles moved the ball well, with nice offensive play by Caroline Viselli, Molly Begg and Stephanie Haas. The Eagles defense was supplemented by the nice play of Sarah Simenon, Haley McNulty and Ariana DellaCorte. Kaysie Fisher and Savanah Davidow played very well in net.



Wolverines 4, Team Four 2: The Wolverines struck first as Trevor Hislop scored off a throw-in to make it 1-0 and then Nick Kalra followed with a second goal to make it 2-0. Team Four came back with a goal, making it 2-1, but DJ Bobowick answered by beating the goalie one on one following a laser assist from Colden Bobowick to make the score 3-1. Team Four scored again in the fourths quarter followed only moments later by a rocket from Neil Kalra that found the top corner of the net.

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