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A Fiasco, Fanatics, And Global Warming



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To the Editor:The Population Bomb, by Paul Ehrlich. This book was forced on most high school students and it proceeded to propagandize them with the dire warnings and predictions of a world population out of control, with mass global starvation, and every other conceivable disaster looming because of overpopulation. In reality, what happened? At some points in the past almost 50 years, populations in many countries were at zero population growth, and the mass starvation and other end of the world scenarios did not happen.

Now that President Trump has had the courage and leadership to withdraw from the economic fiasco known as the Paris Agreement, which in reality is nothing more than a socialist redistribution of wealth, I believe it is helpful to look back and learn from history.

In the 1970s a book was published titled

Fast forward to the 1990s. Al Gore and the global warming propagandists started the same dire predictions, this time using global warming as the villain. Remember Al Gore's doomsday predication that the world would come to an end in ten years? Well, in case no one has noticed, that has come and gone and we are still here.

As far as the vast number of so-called scientists who support the concept of manmade global warming, let me explain how that works. A politician, whether on the local, state, or federal level, comes up with some ridiculous assertion that he or she needs support for. The politician then pours tax dollars into the scientist's pocket to obtain the desired outcome, as evidenced by the many recent cases of fraud and abuse being uncovered where the so-called scientists have manipulated and falsified global warming measurements.

Global warming has become a religion to global warming fanatics. Democrats, liberals, and other socialists jet around on private planes and SUV caravans burning more fuel that most people use in a year, and then have the hypocritical audacity to lecture us on how we need to save the planet. Yes, save the planet by sucking us dry with more taxes to distribute to who they see fit.

Ernest Vitarbo

20 Turkey Hill Road, Newtown         June 2, 2017

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