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What's Next For Fairfield Hills?



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What’s Next

For Fairfield Hills?

To the Editor:

Once the Fairfield Hills survey has been tabulated and the FFH Master Plan Review Committee sends its recommendation to the Board of Selectmen, what is the next step? It would be wise if the Planning and Zoning Commission would undertake to evaluate the plausibility of these recommendations fitting into the 40 acres of flat land at FFH. If not, what other actions will need to be pursed?

To accomplish this task, a new consulting firm that has both surveyors and engineers will be needed to determine the best location for the ambulance services, playing fields, and other recommended facilities along with the necessary parking. These professionals will need to consider the size of the facilities, parking, traffic, noise, accessibility, etc in order to determine the number of acres each will need. It is possible that a careful review of all these factors will determine that some of the existing or proposed locations, for example, the Victory Garden, will need to be relocated. This would not be a major expenditure, but the determination that an already constructed or soon to be constructed building needed a different location could be an expensive result.

Along with a map of the physical layout of the recommended uses, we would want the consulting firms to provide the town with cost estimates for demolition and abatement, new construction, necessary infrastructure (sewers, water, electricity, gas or oil), and any other anticipated expenses. The resulting map, widely published, will also help all citizens know what the future FFH will look like and what services it will provide.

From such a professional assessment, the Board of Selectmen would then be able to develop a plan of implementation as well as a long-range Capital Improvement Plan. This type of professional planning is really beyond the capabilities of the selectmen, the Legislative Council, and the FFH Authority.

Hopefully, the selectmen and the Planning and Zoning Commission will agree. Highly qualified professionals are needed to survey and lay out the campus to accommodate the recommendations of the FFH Master Plan Review Committee.

Ruby K. Johnson, PhD

16 Chestnut Hill Road, Sandy Hook                             May 27, 2011

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