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A Chronology Of Falsehoods



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To the Editor:

The chronology of outright falsehoods by Governor Malloy over the past year ought to be enough to disqualify him from ever being taken seriously again starting with last February’s announcement of a budget surplus and tax refund for all only to later rescind the refund. Yet he still insisted there was no deficit right up until the election and then was forced to admit that there was indeed a deficit two weeks after he was reelected. The proposed budget now being put forth by the governor’s party, which holds complete control of government, will be largely responsible for the continued decline of the state economy, for small and large businesses alike. It will also perpetuate the continued use of borrowing and taxing to close budget deficits as a first resort instead of reducing the size and scope of government spending.

However, he has saved the best whopper for last and that was his promise during his campaign that he would not raise taxes.  His party, which dominates the agenda now has recommended an enormous multi-billion dollar tax increase which will harm just about everyone.  Does anyone doubt he will sign a tax increase into law? And how could he say with a straight face that his recently submitted budget was balanced if just a month later he is willing to go along with a massive tax increase?  He misled about the deficit, lied about his no new tax promise, and has orchestrated this massive tax increase behind the scenes with the legislature. To believe otherwise is absurd since he could easily stop the tax increases through a veto but he won’t because he would finally have to admit everything he said before the election was false, and his recently proposed “balanced” budget was a sham.  He knows that he would never have been elected had he proposed a $2B tax increase.  He is the exact opposite of a profile in courage.

Finally, it is discouraging, but not surprising, that the press and media in this state act as if there is “nothing to see” regarding the fiscal mess that this state is in and the many broken promises by this governor.  Worse still, certain reporters continue to act as cheerleaders.  No wonder they, and Gov. Malloy, can no longer be taken seriously.  Just once I’d like to see the press provide a fair representation and timeline of what the governor said regarding state finances vs. the facts because until the governor and his party are held accountable we can expect more of the same.  A recent Wall Street Journal editorial entitled “Worse than Illinois” clearly illustrates just how far we have fallen under the current leadership and the exodus of its citizens and businesses from the state.  A shrinking state cannot afford an ever expanding government and all its associated costs and still expect its taxpayers to cover the bills.  The only surprise left would be exactly how much faster taxpayers in CT, both business and individuals, decide to leave.


Joe Kearney

9 Daniels Hill Road, Newtown                    June 3, 2015

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