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Reed Students Weave 'Bracelets For Bow Wows'



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Reed Students Weave ‘Bracelets For Bow Wows’

By Eliza Hallabeck

There are animals in need in Newtown, and the Interact Club at the Reed Intermediate School has been busy trying to raise money to help the cause.

Sarah Braga, a fifth grade student, has brought her concern for animals to her fellow students. Last week she invited Virginia Jess, the president of the Canine Advocates of Newtown, Inc, to speak to students in the Interact Club.

This week Sarah has been spending time in the cafeteria selling bracelets, rings, and necklaces she and her fellow students weaved for the fundraiser. Sarah said she got the idea to sell bracelets last year.

“In the fourth grade I decided to sell bracelets with a few friends to raise money for a new dog pound,” said Sarah, “because they are located in the dump right now.”

So far, Sarah said, the students have raised more than $100 to help the animals at the Newtown Pound. She also reused the name “Bracelets For Bow Wows” because she came up with it last year and liked it, she said.

Sarah said she has been spending about five hours every day after school weaving bracelets for the cause.

“My parents have helped me by driving me to the dog pound and supporting me by encouraging me to make bracelets each day,” said Sarah.

Ms Jess said when she spoke to the students last week she was deeply impressed by how much work they had all ready accomplished.

“I just think it is a great idea,” said Ms Jess. “And it is amazing the kids did this all on their own, and just out of the kindness of their hearts.”

Sarah met Ms Jess a couple years ago when her older sister, Victoria, was working with the Interact Club, according to Ms Jess.

“She had everything all organized,” said Ms Jess, regarding Sarah last week at the Interact Club meeting. Ms Jess said Sarah had everything mapped out, from how to weave the bracelets to what needed to be done.

The Interact Club students asked Ms Jess questions about the animals for almost half an hour. They wanted to know how many animals are currently at the Newtown Pound, and how the animals get there, according to Ms Jess.

“They are just a wonderful group of children,” Ms Jess said.

There are currently 12 dogs and 12 cats at the Newtown Pound, said Ms Jess. She also explained that a lot of animals are dropped off by people who cannot afford them anymore.

“There’s no big space for the dogs to play and there’s no space for the cats,” Sarah said as she handed a bracelet over to one of her paying customers.

In the cafeteria on Thursday, Sarah almost ran out of bracelets, and she was promising other students to have more ready soon.

Sarah said her classes have hardly been affected by the time she has spent on this project.

Other than her parents, she said her friends and Dr Anthony Salvatore, the vice principal of Reed Intermediate School, have helped her with the cause.

“We’re always open to ideas from the kids,” said Dr Salvatore. He said the Interact Club tries to raise money for community and national causes.

Sarah, he said, expressed her idea to raise money for the Canine Advocates of Newtown, but all efforts to raise money have to be done through one of the school’s organizations. The Interact Club was more than willing to help, according to Dr Salvatore.

Sarah said she also gains strength for her endeavor from one other area of her life.

“My dog’s name is Heali,” said Sarah, “and I love her. She’s also been helping me. Because she encourages me, too.”

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