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Sandy Hook School Marathon Mondays Group Completes Last Mile



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Sandy Hook School Marathon Mondays Group Completes Last Mile

With a couple cheers from the sidelines of parents, students in Sandy Hook School’s Marathon Mondays group ran the final mile of their “marathon” on Monday, June 4.

Club advisor and first grade teacher Kaitlin Roig said she loves running, and she was approached by Sandy Hook School Principal Dawn Hochsprung about the possibility of forming a club for this school year. Ms Roig said she then came up with the concept for the Marathon Mondays group.

The Marathon Mondays students met with Ms Roig after school on Mondays from September through November and from March until June to run on the school’s athletic field. As a group, Ms Roig explained, the students run a total of 13.1 miles, and during the winter months the students are tasked with logging and completing another 13.1 miles on their own.

“The goal is that we all run 26.2 miles, a marathon,” said Ms Roig.

This was the first year Marathon Mondays was a club at Sandy Hook School, and Ms Roig said completing the final mile of the marathon on Monday was great.

Rain came down briefly as the students and their advisor ran, but eventually the weather cleared. Everyone completed the run on Monday, said Ms Roig after the event.

Marathon Mondays was open to third and fourth grade students at the school.

“As a whole, they definitely became better runners and became more dedicated as the weeks went on,” said Ms Roig looking back on the school year.

Eventually the group formed a community of students who showed up each Monday to run, she said, and the students began to push and support each other.

“I’m really proud of them, and I look forward to maybe doing this again next year,” said Ms Roig.

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